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I work with the experience of products, interiors and services. I integrate psychology, philosophy and science with design to reach new ground and to custom make solutions for your specific needs. Storytelling is an important part of my product design. The story is what drives me and guides me in every decision I make.


Memento was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2011. While I was still in school, I was asked to do a project on ceremonies. I chose the sensitive ceremony of burials.

To bury a loved one is a hard matter. And to think of all the practical things while in the chaos of mourning is not easy. It makes us vulnerable to a market of urns, coffins etc that are in much need of innovation. This made me curious of creating a modern option to the burials of today.

I opened the black box of mourning and found that death is a matter for the living. Death should be talked about and those who died need to be talked about. Commonly we are too afraid to do so because we don’t want to say the wrong thing.

What most of us want though is for death to be packaged in beauty and grace. We are given one last memory through the burial ceremony. Memento becomes part of that memory. Memento is a carriage to whatever is after.

The urn is made out of pressed paper and dissolves in water by time. Messages can be written directly on the surface of the urn, and one can put notes and objects in relation to the decised in the hole on top.

Visualisation by Hanna Ljungström, production management and sales by LOTS Design. Project made for Lots Design 2007


“Success” means that something goes very well. Although in dutch, it is an expression for wishing someone “good luck!”.

The series “Success” is a tribute to passion and strength; a reminder of the joy in succeeding and fulfilling your dreams on the days when success seems far away. The products are here to bring inspiration for those of us who work hard for what they believe in, as well as for those of us who don’t. No matter what dreams we have, they demand our time and effort, our sweat and tears, our hope and our will in order to come true. We need eachothers help and we need to be challenged to succeed. It takes courage to help and it takes courage to be helped. “Success” are physical products of help and good hearts.

The Yes lamp was made by and can be ordered from Ateljé Lyktan, The Rainbow Cabinet was built by Lars Holmgren Snickare


It is proven that we can hardly hold our concentration in meetings longer than 20 minutes. This causes many businessmeetings to be quite inefficient since few of the participators will know what the meeting was really about.

But if we use several of our senses at the same time and create emotional connections through our surroundings we can help ourselves to remember a little more. Light, texture, smell and design are important factors for attaining information.

What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell immediately communicates emotions, in a second we are judging and experiencing things unconciously. The emotions we get follow us into the meeting, the restaurant visit or wherever we go, and affect how we think and respond to the people we meet there.

Cloud is meant to generate positive associations and memories. Perhaps it makes us think of a childhood memory of lying in the grass looking for shapes in the clouds, or of last years vacation to the beach.

To be conciously or unconciously reminded by positive memories creates positive energy and emotions which is good for meeting other people - and good for any kind of business.


The “Nipis” project started with a story. A story of imaginary little beeings living in the moss in the woods. From learning about the “Nipisar” I created a piece of furniture for them to sit on, then I took that furniture, their story and translated it into a piece of furniture for human beings. The result is a chair where sight and sound are shut out. “Nipis” gives you a private place to relax when you spend time in public places such as airports, trainstations or libraries.

Model 1:5 made from Cibatol, foam rubber and fabric. Spring 2008

Soft table

“Soft table” is an office desk. It offers the possibility to gain a few minutes of sleep throughout your working day.

Sleeping during daytime would probably increase your concentration and have a positive effect on the results you deliver.

In our world sleep is starting to become luxury and it could become something to put on you CV to be a “Good sleeper”. The project was part of a persona process where products were created for different people with various needs.

Soft table was made for: The over -achiever.

“Niklas never sleeps in on weekends, it makes him feel bad and if he does, he needs to be very productive in order to feel better. Niklas life includes hard work, long hours in front of the computer at Telia communicators. Niklas knows he would probably do a better job in less hours if he could just have a nap in the middle of the day, but what would people think of him? It just wouldn’t work, everyone would think he was lazy. He wonders about his coworkers, they sit at their desks but are they working? He certainly isn’t just because he sits there and looks like he is.”