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Illustration is a fast and easy way to communicate complicated things. I use it as a tool throughout the process and sometimes it is part of the finished product.

Color bonanza

Some of my work is used for decoration of mobile phone cases, Ipad cases and t-shirts etc. The images are customized on a specific theme or for a particular company.

Azienda Botrona

Azienda Botrona is a winery located on the hills of Tuscany, Italy. For generations the Botrona family have grown and harvested their grapes to make wine with an aim to compliment food in the best possible way.

The new logo and graphic profile helps customers understand the quality, the time, the knowledge and the love that lies behind this bottle of wine. Azienda Botrona wines give kisses to every mouth they touch. I was asked to do the illustrations for the bottles.

Atlejé Lyktan

I was commissioned by Ateljé Lyktan to make them a pattern. The result is a playground of their iconic lamps in soft shades of grey.The pattern makes for wrapping paper, shopping bags and interior textiles.