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Experience design is a wide label for taking care of both fysical, emotional and mental design. I use expertise from various fields when I work, I believe knowledge is key to good results as well as emotional and physical understanding of the client and the target group. I believe in teamwork and always strive for collaboration with my clients.

Throughout the process I ask the same question over and over again: WHY?


The County Council of Värmland are about to start “Första Linjen” - "First Line" which is a governmental initiative to prevent mental illness through getting young adults into the healthcare system before their problems become too large. First Line got in touch with us to find a way to get in contact with the young adults of Värmland. We came up with Deload.

Deload is an app where you can write your thoughts, read them and/or share them with others as well as read others thoughts. You can also send them to a health care proffessional/ therapist and from there decide if you want more active help or stay anonymously in contact.

Deload creates communication channels with young adults. On their terms.

Collaborative work with Olga Sabirova Höjerström and Albin Andersson.

By Experio Lab for The County Council of Värmland. The project is currently under development by The Interactive Institute, Experio Lab, The County Council of Värmland and SP Science Partner


As an intern at Droog design i Amsterdam, me and my colleague Alexandra Kenyon worked on the grand task of "Defining the next generation of global design". One of the pojects we did was "The sleep project". Under the supervision of Renny Ramakers and Agata Jaworska we created products, patterns, services and food design on the theme of sleep. We worked with sleep experts, dream experts and other experts to find innovation in how we could use our senses and lifestyles in relation to sleep. This project then transformed into the ideation of what is now the Droog Townhouse - hotel and more.

In the project "Luxury of the north" we explored how qualities of the Canadian North can inspire new urban luxuries and future city concepts as the scarcity and abundance of different things limit us and offer new possibilities. The project was later conducted by Droog, The University of Alberta and The Why Factory among others.

We also worked on the project "Droog al Arab" where we focused on Dubai as a area of living, working and visiting. "Droog al Arab" resulted in a collaborative platform of creation. It was led by Renny Ramakers (Droog), Jurgen Bey (Studio Makkink & Bey), Saskia van Drimmelen (Painted), Rami Farook (traffic, LOCAL) and Agata Jaworska (Droog).

Collaborative work with Alexandra Kenyon at Droog Lab 2008