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Experience design with man first

With a background in conceptual design I have developed a strong sense of finding the core of things. I am a driving force in work with concept development, strategy and service, always with man in the centre. I guide you to innovative solutions for your specific needs through workshops, brainstorms, lectures and more. I gladly join inhouse teams, or build a team from the large network of professionals I am part of. I use a collaborative process and want to work closely with my clients from start to finish.

I got my education of interdisciplinary design at HDK (The college of design and crafts) in Gothenburg. After my studies I went to Amterdam (Holland) to do an internship at Droog Lab of Droog design. Since 2009 I have been working as a freelance designer in Stockholm.

If you are curious about what I could do for your company - get in touch!